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Teledyne Continental Motors Selects Advanced Engine Flight Test Contractor

LOS ANGELES - March 16, 2000 - Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM), a business of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: TDY) announced today that it has selected Mod Works, Inc. of Punta Gorda, Florida to assist with the installation and initial flight testing of the NASA sponsored advanced Jet-A fueled general aviation engine. The goal of the NASA General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) Program is to develop and flight demonstrate revolutionary propulsion systems for general aviation aircraft to support revitalization of the U.S. General Aviation Light Aircraft Industry.

The TCM GAP engine prototype, which is currently undergoing development testing at the company's Mobile, Alabama facility, is designed to be a compact four-cylinder, 200 horsepower compression ignition engine powered by Jet-A fuel. Jet-A, which is widely available throughout the world, is used by turbine aircraft while low-leaded gasoline fuels are used in most of today's certified light aircraft. The TCM GAP engine design is also testing several enabling technology concepts designed to reduce engine vibration and to provide lower acquisition and operational costs. Program objectives for the GAP engine include a 25 percent fuel efficiency improvement, a 75 percent increase in time between overhaul and a 50 percent reduction in cost as compared to current gasoline powered aircraft engines of similar horsepower. Through the use of an integral monoblock casting, the engine is expected to be comparable in weight to gasoline powered aircraft engines of similar horsepower.

Development of the GAP engine has been supported by an industry team which includes Cirrus Design Corporation, Lancair International, Inc. and Hartzell Propeller Inc. Cirrus and Lancair plan to install the new engine in their advanced composite aircraft following successful flight testing of the new engine. Hartzell Propeller will supply the propellers for the program which are the result of recent research and development aimed at reducing propeller noise. Use of the new Hartzell propeller combined with the lower speed of the GAP engine design is anticipated to reduce the noise signature significantly from that of a typical gasoline engine installation without loss of performance. In addition to providing assistance with initial flight testing, the addition of Mod Works to the TCM GAP team provides the opportunity to assess the new engine as a possible retrofit option for the existing light aviation fleet.

For purposes of demonstrating the GAP engine installation and performing initial flight testing, Mod Works will install a prototype GAP engine in a Cessna 337 aircraft which provides a unique twin engine configuration with both engines located on the aircraft centerline. The GAP engine will be installed in the front engine position. The aircraft will retain a conventional gasoline power plant in the rear engine position. Mod Works will perform the necessary design studies and airframe modification to install the new engine systems and develop the dual aircraft fuel systems needed for the flight test aircraft. The Cessna 337 GAP engine aircraft will be used to evaluate the engine operational and performance characteristics across the complete flight envelope of the aircraft. The aircraft is scheduled to be demonstrated at the EAA Air Venture (Oshkosh) 2000 Airshow in late July.

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (www.teledyne.com) is a leading provider of sophisticated electronics and communication products, systems engineering solutions and aerospace engines and components. With 1999 revenues of $803 million, Teledyne Technologies employs 5,800 persons in the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Investor Contact:
Jason VanWees
(310) 893-1642

Press Contact:
Robyn McGowan
(310) 893-1640

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